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Beyond the doctor’s explanation, I was healed and I never had another seizure! 

About me

Not long after a car accident, at 12 months old, I was diagnosed with epilepsy having up to 200 seizures a day and was partially paralyzed on the right side of my body. My seizures had become so damaging that by the time I was four years old, specialists recommended that I be placed in a residential facility for the rest of my life. My mother never gave up believing a miracle could happen, and one day not long after receiving this terrible news, prayed for me with two of her friends. Beyond the doctor’s explanation, I was healed and I never had another seizure! 


As a teen, I craved attention. My cravings led to bi-sexual relations, becoming a victim of molestation, a three-time high school dropout, drug dealing, and drug, alcohol and sexual addictions. These cravings, along with abandonment issues with my father, left me hopeless in the eyes of many. 

During this dark period, I passionately identified with Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rock, and later taught myself to play the guitar. I was growing as a musician, but was quickly deteriorating as a human being. Life quickly unraveled and finally I cried out for change. This is when I experienced my much needed Rescue.

What emerged was real freedom, a new dimension of living, and a great passion to see my artistry develop. I tapped into an inspirational message, a stronger voice and a musical background that is influenced with blends of Jazz, R&B, Funk, Rock, and shades of Hip-Hop.

Since experiencing my change, many undeserved blessings have been added to my life. Married to my loving wife, Tiffany since 2008, and, together, we parent our beautiful miracle girl Marlise, enjoy time with our dog Tank, serve faithfully at our church Zeal, love the outdoors, stay cozy indoors, and surround ourselves with our loving community of family and friends.

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